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Recreation Program Information

Recreation Program Member Benefits: For a list of member benefits, click here.

Player/Coach Recreation Registration: NJYS recreation programs are encouraged to utilize US Soccer Connect for registration. For questions and assistance onboarding, contact registration@njyouthsoccer.com.

For recreation programs not registering through US Soccer Connect, utilize the following.

  1. Download registration form.
  2. Download Excel data template.

Please use the template without changes. If the field is not used, please leave it blank and do not remove.

COACH RISK MANAGEMENT/BACKGROUND CHECKS: NJ Youth Soccer requires background checks for Recreation Coaches, and registration is available using the Stack Sports platform through US Soccer Connect. Ensuring the highest level of player safety is one of the guiding principles of NJ Youth Soccer. We are committed to protecting the health, safety and security of all players, parents and coaches, and background screening is one of the most important ways we do this.


Director of Coaching: Rick Meana (coach@njyouthsoccer.com)

North Area Recreation Commissioner: David Van Ginneken (njysnorthrecliaison@gmail.com)

Central Area Recreation Commissioner: Max (njyscentralrecliaison@gmail.com)

Shore Area Recreation Commissioner: Jason Silva (njysrecreationliaisonshore@gmail.com)

South Area Recreation Commissioner: Christine Alston (claston77@gmail.com)

3rd Vice President: Nelson Ramirez (nerame@gmail.com)

Central Area Recreation Commissioner: Vincent Nordhaus (van0672@gmail.com)

Shore/South Area Recreation Commissioner: Carol Cordiner (njtopsoccer@gmail.com)

North Area Recreation Commissioner: Frank Guiliano (usprimo1@aol.com)