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National C Reassessment - New Procedures

The National C Reassessment course will be hosted in the Learning Center and organized, managed, and staffed by U.S. Soccer.  The information below is provided so you understand the steps needed to proceed with a reassessment. 

Coaches who received a C provisional status within the last 12 months. Once receiving a provisional status at the end of the C Course, a student coach has one (1) year to register for their reassessment. If the reassessment attempt does not meet the evaluation criteria, then the student coach will not receive the license. If an attempt is not made within a year, then the student coach would need to register to take the entire C course to be eligible to earn the C license.

Reassessment Process
If a coach received a provisional evaluation for the C Course, they are eligible to enter a reassessment process. A student coach would be permitted to register if they received a provisional status in one or more of the following areas:

  • Coaching Training Sessions 3.4 Assignment (2022 & 2021-22),
  • Coaching Games 2.2 Assignment (2021-22), and/or
  • Leadership 1.2 Assignment (2021-22).

The details for the National C Reassessment assignments for each task, closely match their original process and progression from the C Course. The educator assigned to a student coach’s reassessment will not be the same educator who issued the original provisional status

Course Registration
There is no required waiting period for a student coach in provisional status to register for a National C Reassessment. However, it is recommended student coaches take a minimum of two months before entering the process.

Access to a team during the duration of the reassessment period is required to be able to complete the assignments.


Please register for a reassessment by selecting one of the links below. You may register for only one reassessment. 


The registration fee is $150

Travel is not required for the C assessment. The entire process is conducted in a virtual setting.


Reassessment Timeline

The reassessment will take approximately 5-8 weeks to complete depending on which assignments were placed in provisional status. A student coach should expect to spend 8-10 hours.


  • Student coaches must have access to a team during the duration of the reassessment. A coach should only register for a course during a time when a team is available for them to use for reassessment assignments.
  • Student coaches should review all details and course dates on the registration main page prior to registering for a Reassessment in the Learning Center.
  • The reassessment process must be completed within the specified time frame for their course.
  • All assignment due dates and attendance at meetings must be met for a student coach to be eligible to pass the reassessment.
  • Student coaches must have the capability to film a training session and submit it to the Learning Center.

If a student coach is unable to complete the reassessment process and misses meetings or assignment due dates, the coach will not be eligible to pass. If a student coach does not pass the reassessment, they would need to retake the entire C course to be eligible to earn the C license.

Additional Details
All courses for the remaining National C Reassessments held in 2022 are now open for registration in the Learning Center. Dates for the 2023 Reassessment course will be shared in the fall of 2022.

A student coach will need to follow these steps to find and register for a course:

  • Step 1: Within the Learning Center go to the Coaching Education main page and search for “Available Courses”
  • Step 2: The National C Reassessment courses are available under the “Supplemental Courses” tab.
  • Step 3: Choose “Performance Centers” from available courses. A coach can filter by year or name to find an upcoming National C Reassessment course.


Post Assessment Notification

Student coaches will receive their evaluation results one week after the final assignment has been submitted. The result will be reviewed during a 1 on 1 meeting with the educator and published in the Learning Center.


The National C License Retest-Performance Center

A retest is an additional opportunity to earn a passing grade (green light) on the Final Training Session assignment and Assessment.

Once a candidate who received a Provisional Status registers for a retest:

  • Candidates must contact the State Association in which they attended the original C course to schedule a reassessment. 
  • When can a candidate attend a retest? There is a 2 month wait period before candidate can register for reassessment. 
  • After the initial contact between the candidate and the instructor, the candidate has 1 week to submit their training session into the Learning Center.
  • Upon submission, the instructor will provide feedback on the training session plan within 7 days.
  • After the instructor submits the feedback, the candidate has 3 weeks to upload their video and reflection following their training session.
  • After uploading the training session video the instructor will asses the video and provide feedback within 10 days.
  • After the 10 days the instructor will communicate the outcome of the reassessment through the Learning Center. 

The same criteria followed at the original course will be used for the (retest) assessment.

If the candidate receives a red light on the retest, or if the 12-month period expires, the candidate would be required to retake the entire cours

Note: A no-show by a candidate, who registers for a Retest, will count as an official retest opportunity.

Cost: $175.00

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