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Register Players & Coaches

New Jersey Youth Soccer provides an online registration option for every player and coach! Our goal is to provide modern solutions for club administrators, allowing us to get more than 100,000 and 10,000 coaches on the field together.

All member clubs utilize the state's Sports Connect State Platform for essential membership functions like player and coach registration, adult risk management, and certificates of insurance. Our exclusive technology provider, Sports Connect, aims to connect administrators, coaches, teams, and families with tools that help save time, reduce burnout, and increase participation. 

Separate from the state's Administrator Portal, Sports Connect also offers a robust integrated platform to assist clubs with player and coach registration, fee collection, and website management. Learn more by clicking here. 

Player & Coach Registration for the 2021-2022 Seasonal Year (e.g. Fall 2021 - Spring 2022) is available for configuration. Please see the Getting Started guide for assistance. 

2021-2022 Getting Started Guides

Please complete the following steps to register Players & Coaches in the 2021-2022 seasonal year.  For a complete 2021-2022 Getting Started Guide, click here

(1) Annual Affiliation Form
(2) Migrate Existing Teams
(3) Create New Teams

(4) Register Players
(4a1) Create a Sports Connect Club Platform Program
(4a2) Utilize Get Teams to link the Club & State Platforms
(4b1) Submit Players through the Upload Portal (Instructions)
(4b2) Submit Players through the Upload Portal (Excel Template)

(5) Register Coaches - New or Returning
(6) Activate Teams, Print Passes & Rosters
(7) Make Payments to NJYS

*Once teams are 'activated the ONLY way to move a player off the roster is through transfer or release. When forming teams, please take careful note of the Member Policies (e.g. Roster Sizes, Transfer Windows and Limits, Minimum Number of Players, Playing Up Age Limits).

Register Players

All players applying for membership must do so through an affiliated member club. Note: Travel players may only submit an application through one member club per seasonal-year (see Playing Policies, Forms, & Guidelines).

Member clubs have the option of submitting player registrations through one of the following methods:

(A) Sports Connect Club Platform

Click here to learn more about the Sports Connect Club Platform. 

(B) Upload Player Information

(C) Manually Enter Player Information

Seasonal Year Fees: $15/Travel Player, $9/Recreation Player, $0/TOPSoccer Player

For instructions specific to recreation, please click here

Register Coaches

Travel Adult Member Passes (i.e. Travel Coaches)

Travel coaches must submit NJYS approved compliance documents in their Sports Connect account for verification (if not previously verified), including Coaching Education, Concussion Education, and annual SafeSport training. See the compliance requirements below:

Coaching Education (No Expiration Date)
Concussion Education (No Expiration Date) - For revised CDC account instructions, click here.
SafeSport Training (Annual Requirement - Completion Date after June 1st, 2021 or completion of Refresher 4)

All adults applying for a travel member pass (i.e. travel coach pass) must also submit and clear an annual background check with NJ Youth Soccer. 

How to Register

For coaches that previously registered through, please log in to your account through the “Log-In’ tab on For an instructional video, click here. For the registration link, click here.

NOTE: If your account is unable to be found, use the  registration process below. 

All other coaches, please create a new account through the ‘Register’ tab on the top right corner of For an instructional video, click here. For the registration link, click here

TIP: When registering, be sure to use the exact variation of the first name, last name, and date of birth that you have previously used to avoid creating a duplicate account that requires new uploads for all compliance documents. 

Recreation Adult Member Passes (i.e. Recreation Coaches)

All adults applying as a recreation member (i.e. recreation coach) must submit the appropriate compliance documents to NJ Youth Soccer via the coach’s Sports Connect account for verification (if not previously verified). See the compliance requirements below: 

Concussion Education (No Expiration Date) For revised CDC account instructions, click here.
SafeSport Training (Annual Requirement - Completion Date after June 1st, 2021 or completion of Refresher 4)

All adults applying as a recreation member  (i.e. recreation coach)  must also clear a background check. For organizations using the Sports Connect club platform, coaches will obtain a background check through NJYS. For organizations that are submitting a data file of coaches to NJYS, the organization must complete a "Certification of Criminal Background Screening Compliance for Recreational Youth Coaches."


Seasonal Year Fees: $15/Travel Coach, $9/Recreation Coach, $9/TOPSoccer Coach

Email Communication Archive

Please see the archive of communications sent to club administrators regarding Player & Coach Registration with NJ Youth Soccer.

Initial Communication (Feb. 22)
Reminder Communication (May 21)
Weekly Update (Jul. 8)
Weekly Update (Jul. 13)
Weekly Update (Jul. 22)
Weekly Update (Jul. 26)
Weekly Update (Aug. 4)

'Registration in 90' Videos

"Registration in 90" is a playlist of videos that aims to capture and explain vital steps of the NJYS Player and Coach Registration Process for the 2020-2021 seasonal year in 90 seconds or less.

(1) Uploading Photo & Birth Document as a Parent 
(2) Cancelling a Player Application
(3) Cancelling a Coach Application
(4) Creating a Club Admin User
(5) Printing Passes, Rosters, Medical Releases
(6) Making Payments to NJYS
(7) Start a Player Transfer (Parent)
(8) Approve a Player Transfer (Club Admin)
(9) Background Check Status "None" or "Expired"

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New Jersey Youth Soccer

569 Abbington Dr, Suite 5
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Phone: 609-490-0725
Email: [email protected]
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