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Register for MNJYSA Recreation Festivals  

MNJYSA is continuing the rollout of the 5 v 5 Festival Program for U6 - U9 players. Registrations MUST be received by September 6 to ensure paid site managers are available.

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Full link if above does not work from your email: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdhAd1a2jvw40xC9su5BJ97uTWp0NNr8OW0Xm7hr8qKKXu-jQ/viewform


The Format is 5 v 5 with a goalie on a roughly 25 by 30 yard field. Each team of 5 - 7 players will play four to five 20-minute games at the host site. There are no referees. If a team (see below) has 10 or more players show up, we would look to split them into two teams on the Festival day. Each group of players would need their own coach.

Festival Days/Times

Saturday Afternoon, with one Sunday afternoon option if sign ups warrant it. If we get a critical mass of applicants for 2010 (U9) teams who wish to replace a training session with a Saturday morning session, we will work to offer that. First Date is September 22. There will be six Festival Dates with the possibility of one make up date tacked onto the end.

Player/Coach Requirements

The target is 2011 through 2013 birth year (U8 -U6). However, if we get a critical mass of 2010 birth year players (U9) as per above, we will work on offering a Saturday morning session.

All players and coaches must be registered with either travel or recreational status though the NJ Youth Soccer Stack Sports registration system. Teams may be a mix of recreational or travel players/coaches. Boys', girls' and coed teams are acceptable. As the Festival Program may accept recreational coaches, F licenses are not required. Players on any other NJYS roster may be added to a Festival roster, as long as they are age appropriate and properly registered with NJYS.


Registration fees are $90 per team. A team is defined as up to 14 players WHO PLAY ON A SPECIFIC FESTIVAL DAY in an age/gender division. A separate team should be created for each boys' and girls' teams. If a Club has enough players in each age group, these age groups should also be separate teams. A team's roster may have an unlimited number of eligible players in a division, but as long as no more than 14 will show up on game day, you only pay for 1 team.

Example 1 - My Club has nine 2012 girls and twelve 2012 boys. You should register ONE team in both divisions.

Example 2 - My Club has nine 2013 boys, twenty-five 2012 girls (with only up to 14 expected each Festival) and nine 2012 boys. You should register one 2012 boys' team, one 2013 boys' team and one 2012 girls' team.

Example 3 - My Club has three 2012 girls, four 2012 boys and one each of 2013 boy and girl. You should register one 2012 co-ed team for all players. This team will likely play against a mix of 2012 and 2013 boys teams unless there is a critical mass of Co-ed teams.


We have secured a number of sites that have been offered by various Clubs. However, we can only offer sites that have a critical mass of teams to support them.


Call Sean Manns at 908-377-2721 or e-mail at MNJYSAFestivals@gmail.com sooner rather than later.