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Sports Connect and NJ Youth Soccer Complete Roadshow Training

New Jersey Youth Soccer recently completed its roadshow series for Sports Connect, the upgraded member management platform for player and coach registration. This roadshow involved four events throughout the state, where approximately 100 registrars and administrators of member clubs and leagues had the opportunity to learn the new features, functions and processes associated with Sports Connect.

US Soccer Connect is an exclusive version of Sports Connect built for soccer in conjunction with US Soccer. Built on the foundation of Blue Sombrero and Affinity, the new US Soccer Connect aims to connect administrators, coaches, teams and families with tools that help save time, reduce burnout and increase participation.

"The roadshows were a great opportunity to communicate with and educate member clubs on the substantial upgrades taking place with the US Soccer Connect platform," said Ernie Rehrig, Senior Strategic Manager for Stack Sports. "Through our partnership with NJ Youth Soccer, Stack Sports is committed to providing an industry-leading product to assist club administrators in getting players and coaches on the field with ease."

While NJ Youth Soccer previously conducted training and information sessions through webinars, virtual townhall halls and presentations at the NJYS Club Summit series, the roadshow events kick-off the official launch of Sports Connect for New Jersey Youth Soccer. Each event highlighted the NJYS registration requirements, registration set-up and the Sports Connect Club Platform Integration with NJYS.

David Moore, the Training and Development Director for Freehold Soccer League, noted the benefit of the in-person roadshows in a comparison to the implementation of the current US Soccer Connect platform in 2017.

"We first implemented the [legacy] system in 2017 without any training sessions, and it was a difficult process," Moore said. "I think the [roadshow] helped clubs understand how the new system needs to be implemented, so we can properly plan for the 2020-2021 season. It was a good first step to understanding the new product, while the group format allowed us to hear how other clubs are using the product."

NJ Youth Soccer and Sports Connect will continue to provide education and training opportunities for NJYS member clubs and leagues in preparation of the 2020-2021 seasonal year through online webinars and written training material.

For more information regarding the training, education, and implementation of Sports Connect, please visit http://www.njyouthsoccer.com/sportsconnect_training.