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October 2018 Coaches E-Connection

New Jersey Youth Soccer is pleased to share with you our October edition of the Coaches E-Connection to keep you informed of our latest coaching news. We endeavor to increase our communication via this monthly initiative.

Indoor Facilities

New Jersey Youth Soccer proudly recognizes our sanctioned indoor facilities. On our website, you will find a list of venues at which carded NJYS players are encouraged to participate. Please be advised that NJ Youth Soccer does not currently cover insurance claims related to Futsal competition. Read more.

NJ Youth Soccer Signs with YouthSoccer101.com

NJ Youth Soccer has signed with Youthsoccer101.com, which provides youth coaches and club representatives FREE access to a variety of age appropriate soccer activities and lesson plans to help guide volunteer coaches throughout the season. Sign up today.

Concussion Protocol

NJ Youth Soccer has adopted the US Youth Soccer Concussion Protocol for each of our events. We want to strongly encourage all member clubs to utilize this protocol. Read more.

NJ Youth Soccer Honored as trimino Brands Youth Soccer Organization of the Year

New Jersey Youth Soccer was recently honored by Sky Blue FC of the National Women's Soccer League as the trimino Brands Youth Soccer Organization of the Year, with the organization being acknowledged for the work of its TOPSoccer program for young athletes with special needs. Read more.

NJ Youth Soccer and ToppsĀ® Team Up to Celebrate State Cup Champions

New Jersey Youth Soccer is teaming up with ToppsĀ® once again this fall to celebrate its State Cups champions. Each member of the NJYS National Championship Series, Presidents Cup and Commissioners Cup championship teams will receive a custom trading card featuring a team selected image. Read more.

Upcoming Coaching Courses

New Jersey Youth Soccer is pleased to announce the upcoming coaching courses below. For more information on US Soccer Licenses, check out the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center!

State Certificate

The NJYS F Certificate is now the State Certificate. The name may have changed, but it is still the same great comprehensive nine-hour course that will allow you to obtain a NJYS Coaches Pass.

  • November 2-3: Harrison Futbol Club - Register

Grassroot License In-Person Licenses

NJYS now offers four new in-person Grassroots License Courses. Each of these educational opportunities are tailored around the four new Grassroots game models addressed in the Player Development Initiatives: 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11. These course options will offer coaches of every level the chance to learn more about how to develop a player-centered approach to coaching.

NJYS Play of the Month

NJ Youth Soccer is teaming-up with the New York Red Bulls and Sky Blue FC to celebrate the best on-field moments in the region for our "Play of the Month" initiative. This is an opportunity for NJ Youth Soccer players and teams to share their achievements, fun on the field and win a monthly prize from the New York Red Bulls or Sky Blue FC. This could be an individual goal, save, string of passes or any soccer activity that celebrates success and achievement on the field. Just tag @NJYouthSoccer on social media when you post a video, and make sure to use #NJYSplayofthemonth.

Tell Us Your Story

We are proud of each and every New Jersey player, coach and volunteer; past, present and future! If you have a special story to share, please contact us today at communications@njyouthsoccer.com.