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New Club Registration FAQs
In order to help newly affiliated clubs with their first Stack Sports registrations, NJYS has developed FAQs. For additional questions, please contact registration@njyouthsoccer.com.

If we used the system in 2017-18, do we need a new signed agreement?
If you've already finalized a service agreement and have access into the system, then you're good to go! That is only needed for brand new systems created and joining NJYS.

We are new to US Soccer Connect, the admin listed by NJYS is no longer with the club. Who do we contact to get the admin info changed?
Email communications@njyouthsoccer.com and provide them the updated contact information along with the club name.

One of our teams was registered in NJYS two years ago. Can we import those players?
There is currently not an import tool at this time. It is something we are working on with NJYS and communication will be sent out accordingly. We always suggest to not import layers because of data integrity and potential duplicates that you'll need to clean up. Prior players can be copied into a new seasonal year. Please reach out to our Support Team and they can provide you information on copying players. Coaches still must register online in order to get a background check.
Support: clubandleaguesupport@ussoccerconnect.com or (866) 892-0777

If an individual is both a club administrator and a volunteer coach, do they need two separate user names?
No, you can use the same login information to get access to the admin system and for your own member account.

How do we get more information on increasing storage for web images?
Contact support and they can increase the storage limits for you. (866) 892-0777

If an existing coach clicks on the new registration link will their information from the prior season be populated or will then need to create a new logon?
The coach will log into the existing account and all information will populate for him/her. Anything new on registration forms will need to be filled out. You can delete the newly copied events in your system if you are not using them.

Can you print individual coach or player cards or do you have to print ALL of the member cards even if you just need one?
You can print member cards in bulk for an entire event or you can print by team. To print by team, select the team in your folder tree and go to main menu > Members > Print Member Cards. It will generate a PDF file for you and in your printer settings, you can choose to print the entire document or a specific page.

How do you print the Medical Release Form for your team roster?
Make sure the NJYS Medical Release PDF is applied to your specific event. Select the event in your folder tree, go to Registration > Administration > Registrant > Edit Printable and make sure the custom form selected is the NJYS Medical PDF.

How can I move a coach from a 2017 event to a 2018 event?
Coaches must register online each seasonal year to authorize a background check to be run.

How do we get our coaches registration link and/or add teams?
Once a service agreement is finalized for your club, you will receive a welcome email with access information to the system. It will show how to publish your club specific online registration link for your coaches to register.

Why is important to focus on coach's registrations and lesser on player registrations?
The webinar focused on Rec and travel clubs coach registrations. Coaches must register online to get a background check and upload documents for compliance. The copied events in your system are both for player and coach registration and you can use both if you need.

When do we use instant background checks?
You will not use instant background checks. Background checks are run by NJYS so those settings will ALWAYS remain as NO when registering online.

How do I register my team into the new system?
If you are an existing club and previously used the system, you can build your teams as you did before and register to a league by selecting the team in your folder tree, then click the "Register for a League/Tournament" button. If you are a new club to US Soccer Connect, you must finalize your service agreement first in order to get access into the system. Then you can use the existing event in your system to build your teams.

Do we need to invite each player and parent in our club to join US Soccer Connect?
If you are using the system for player registration, you can have them register online or you can administratively add them into the system.

What is the best practice for when players are playing up year? They wouldn't be able to select the right team when doing their own registration?
You can edit the age settings for your categories to a 2-year range that allows players to register up a year. You can edit the existing event to your club needs.

Since we host our own website for registrations and paying fees, will our parents have to register on this website as well in order to get player passes for their kids?
It depends on the requirements for NJYS in terms of having your players reported to the state. Please contact NJYS directly for the correct answer based on your type of team (rec, travel, etc.) communications@njyouthsoccer.com. You must have a registration event to house your players and coaches in order to get passes.

As a new club and a first-time user, who can I contact to get started?
Contact (866) 892-0777 and select the New Client option. You can let them know you are a new club to NJYS and need to finalize a service agreement.