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GotSoccer State Cup Registration Help Guides

Teams can choose the appropriate registration link for the tournament they would like to enter.

Registration Links can be found under the State Cups 2018 - 2019 Information.

1. Create your team in the US Soccer Connect System (CJYSA EDP should create team in GotSoccer). Make sure to apply to a league or tournament and choose your quailifying league. Print your roster or save as a PDF, and print your passes.

2. If your team does not have a GotSoccer account then choose to create an account.

3. Then you can apply to the appropriate tournament.

4. Finish application by uploading your roster to the tournament. (choose tournament in GotSoccer team account, then documnet tab to follow instructions) * CJYSA-EDP teams should upload their roster from GotSoccer (make sure player numbers match printed passes)

5. Your team will be accepted once payment and NJYS Quailfying league roster are received by New Jersey Youth Soccer.

Player ID Number Guide for Game Cards

Please make sure all players US Youth Soccer ID Numbers are listed properly on the Game Card next to the player's name.

To add US Youth Soccer ID's for each player:
- Log in to your teams GotSoccer Account
- From the home screen, select roster.
- Select a player
- Under Player Identification, fill in the row labeled Player ID # with the correct information of the players US Youth Soccer card.

To make the players US Youth Soccer ID show on the Game Card:
- Log in to your teams GotSoccer account
- Select EDP League 2018-2019
- In the upper left-hand box labeled Application Information, there is a row labeled Player ID Numbers
- In the drop-down, make sure it is set to default

To make the Coaches US Youth Soccer ID show on the Game Card:
-Log into the club account
-Click on the blue club tab at the top
-Click on coaches in the black bar

For coaches already in the system:
-Click on coaches ID number
-Click Save

For coaches not in the system yet:
-Click create coach profile
-Enter all necessary coach information
-Click save

For coaches with duplicate profiles:
-Follow steps shown for coaches already in the system
-Click on Club tab
-Click on Account tools
-Click Coach accounts

-Click the Green box for the active account, and then click the red boxes for the extra coach account.
-Click merge selecte