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Administrative League Information

The NJYS Administrative League is an available registration option for select NJ teams:

  1. 19U and 18U teams desiring to compete in the National Championship Series without league or tournament play
  2. New Jersey teams competing in the USYS Eastern Regional League, USYS National League and/or other USYS state associations that will also register to compete in the NJYS National Championship Series through New Jersey.
  3. Teams playing in an out of state league using them as their cup qualification will only be permitted to enter the National Championship Series.

Rules for 19U, 18U Teams

US Youth Soccer Championship rules do not require a 19U or 18U team to participate in a qualifying league to be eligible for National Championship Series competition. Teams that wish to participate in the National Championship Series therefore have the option of:

  1. Playing in a NJYS League or USYS sanctioned League
  2. Registering in the NJYS Administrative League

To register in the Administrative League, the following will apply:

  1. The league is open only to 19U and 18U teams not playing in a USYS sanctioned league.
  2. The team must properly enter the 19U or 18U NJYS National Championship Series competition and pay the applicable fees.
  3. NJYS National Championship Series rules and penalties apply.
  4. Passes will be through NJ Youth Soccer.
  5. The player cards may not be purchased before April 1 of the seasonal year or after the first game date of the NJYS National Championship Series for 19U or 18U of that seasonal year. NJYS player addition rules and National Championship rules apply.
  6. NJYS does not schedule flighted games. Teams wishing to play league games should join one of the NJYS or USYS sanctioned Leagues.

NJYS Pass Process through the Administrative League

  1. Teams can register through their club's Bonzi system to the NJYS Administrative League by selecting their team(s) and the 'Register to a League or Tournament' button. In the directory, select the Administrative League and register now button to complete registration. Please click here or utilize the follow the link below for a pdf with screenshots and step-by-step instructions.
  2. Teams can also be registered with their Team Connect Code through the NJYS website by a coach or team manager. Team Connect Codes can be found on the Bonzi Team App or club admins will have access to all team codes.
  3. 19U or 18U teams can register directly to the Administrative League without being in a League or club. Please contact NJYS office communications@njyouthsoccer.com or NJYS State Registrar NJYSregistrar@aol.com for more information.