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Youth Trainer Pass 2018-2019
If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.

The "NJYS Trainer Pass" registration is for an individual who only trains teams and does not appear on a team roster covering games as a coach. Applicants for a Trainer Pass are required to complete and pass a background check before they are approved.

Travel coaches must register using the online registration through the club's Bonzi website in order to be on the printed game card/roster. If an individual with a Trainer Pass subsequently wishes to be a on the printed game card/roster, he/she must register through the club's Bonzi website. That individual will not be required to pay an additional fee or perform a second background check in the same playing season

Beginning with the 2018 Fall season, NJ Youth soccer will issue "NJYS Coach Passes" and no longer reference the "NJYS Trainer Pass." This will allow all coaches to be placed on team roster(s). Therefore, all trainers will register as a coach (again $15) using the online registration through the club's US Soccer Connect (formerly known as BlueStar/Bonzi) website for each club he/she coaches.

When the 2018 Fall season coach registration opens on or about June 1st, all coaches will again be required to complete a background check during the registration process for each club. However, coaches will only be charged one time for the background check.

Any questions please contact Lindsey at registration@njyouthsoccer.com or 609-490-0725 x1