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Step 4: Get Approved

Club administrators for travel organizations will be responsible for requesting "Team Activation" at the start of each season.

Team Activation is a vital step to ensuring travel players meet the registration requirements set forth by NJ Youth Soccer. While the initial use of Team Activation may feel unfamiliar, this process is designed to identify registration issues prior to pass printing.

If there are no issues with registration, then a club administrator will be able to print passes, rosters, and apply to leagues immediately after requesting activation. Should registration issues exist, and the NJ Youth Soccer rules not be met, the club administrator will need to correct the issues before printing passes for the team.


How to Request Team Activation

Criteria for Team Approval

Before advancing requesting approval, all players and coaches assigned to the team must meet the following requirements:

Player Requirements Coach Requirements
Players may NOT play down At least one coach over 18 must be assigned to the team
Players can only play for one club (set once a team is approved)
Players can only play on one approved team within a club

Teams will not be able to print passes or register for leagues until all requirements are met for every player/coach on the roster!

Team Activation Rules are seperate from the enforcement of card printing rules.