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Step 3: Assign & Manage

Now that players and coaches are registered in US Soccer Connect, it's time to assign teams and ensure all players/coaches meet the standards and policies of NJ Youth Soccer.


Assigning Player and Coaches

Managing Player Assignments

(A) Managing Secondary Permission Players

(B) Managing Out of State Players

(C) Managing Club Pass Players

Managing Compliance for Coaches

How to: View Compliance Status (For Club Administrators)

For additional resources, please visit the compliance page.

Criteria for Team Approval

Before advancing to Step 4: Get Approved, all players and coaches assigned to the team must meet the following requirements:

Player Requirements Coach Requirements
Players may NOT play down At least one coach over 18 must be assigned to the team
Players can only play for one club (set once a team is approved)
Players can only play on one approved team within a club

Teams will not be able to print passes until all requirements are met for every player/coach on the roster!

Pass printing will them feature additional rules to enforce risk management compliance.