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US Futsal Level 2 Coaching Course
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    US Futsal State License Level 2 Coaching Course


    NJYS is proud to offer another distinctive coaching education opportunity to assist youth players, those playing Futsal. Futsal is the five-a-side version of soccer played on a basketball-size court and with a low-bounce ball. It is the official indoor soccer game of FIFA and is one of the most popular soccer variations in the world. US Futsal National Director of Coaching, Bill Sampaio, and NJYS's own Director of Coaching, Rick Meana will be teaming up to instruct the US Futsal State License Course Level 2 (https://futsal.com/education/).

    "The game of futsal has been the learning ground for some of the greatest players that have ever stepped on a soccer field," said Alex Para, President and CEO of U.S. Futsal.

    We currently do not have any futsal courses scheduled at this time.