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New Jersey Youth Soccer

Out of State Player


A player who resides in a state other than New Jersey may be rostered and play on an New Jersey team.  The procedure for an out non resident of New Jersey to play on a NJYS team is:

1.  The out of state player must register in their home state and obtain a player pass from their home state. The player must pass have a player identification number, must have the name of the New Jersey team for which they want to play, and must be signed by the player.  The pass must be validated by the player's home state.  If the pass does not have a player number, the NJYS team they will play on or their signature, the pass is invalid and the player will have to obtain a complete pass from the home state.

2.  The out of state player also needs to obtain permission from their home state to play out of state.  For Eastern PA players, this form is referred to as a PS-1, Release to Play Outside of EPYSA, the Eastern NY form is Permission to Play Out of State.  Other states will have similar forms.

3.  The team must present both the validated player pass (from their home state) and the Permission to Play Out of State form to the NJYS District Commissioner when the team presents its passes and roster to be validated.  The out of state player must also have a notarized Medical Release form but does not require a NJYS Membership Form.  The out of state player will not have a NJYS pass.

3.  The out of state player will be added to the NJYS roster using the same procedures that is used to place any other player on the roster.  If the Out of State player is added during the initial validation of the roster, the player should be placed on the roster along with all other players, alphabetical by last name, using the Out of State pass ID number. 

4.  If an out of state player is added to the roster after the roster has been validated, the NJYS Add/Transfer form should be used to add the player to the roster in the same manner that a NJYS player would be added to the roster.

5.  The validation of the roster (and any subsequent changes) will be done by the team's District Commissioner, not by the NJYS office.  There is no need for the team to come to the NJYS office to validate their roster.

The following requirements must also be met:

1.  NJYS will not give permission for an out of state player U10 or younger to play in New Jersey.

2.  A NJYS team must have a minimum of 11 NJYS registered players at all times on its roster.