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ODP player Don Nicol shares experience of first International Friendly, read more

2002 U12 Try-Out Dates
Girls -  Monday, April 14, 2014 Upper
Girls  -  Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Lower
Please note date changes for the girls

5:15pm check in kick off 6-8pm
Mercer County Park
Hughes Drive Fields (to the right of the Parking Area)

Boys  -  Monday, April 28, 2014 Upper 
Boys -  Wednesday, April 30, 2014 Lower

5:15pm check in kick off 6-8pm
Mercer County Park
Hughes Drive Fields (to the right of the Parking Area)

Upper and Lower is determined by county.

Upper: Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Morris, Passaic, Sussex, Hunterdon, Mercer,
Middlesex, Somerset, Union and Warren Counties

Lower: Monmouth, Ocean, Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May,
Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties

All Try-outs will be held at Hughes Drive Fields, Mercer County Community Park
Please note the above field location is new.

Registration for 2002 U12 ODP Try-Outs click on the link below
2002 U12 2013-2014 ODP Try out Player Registration Form

2003 U11 Young Olympians Program

This program was specially designed to edu-train the parent and player on the mission of the US Youth Soccer/NJYS ODP, while supplementing their club schedule.  The curriculum consists of specially designed age appropriate training sessions that mirror the recommendations of the US Soccer's National Curriculum and using a Long Term Player Development model (LTPD) led by our Nationally Licensed Coaches in an Indoor turf playing environment. The primary goal of the program is to improve each player's technical ability, tactical awareness and understanding of Small Group Tactics.  The Goalkeepers will be incorporated into the field player training and receive team training; limited individual training.  The overall program was created for the player who desires a unique learning and training experience, has an ambition to improve their game, and ultimately dreams to play the game at its highest level!       

Congratulations to all the players who participated in the 2003 NJYS ODP Young Olympians Program Tryouts.  You all demonstrated dedication towards learning and improving on how to play the beautiful game!

The list below contains the tryout numbers of those players who are invited to continue in the Young Olympians ProgramYou will be receiving an email from GOTSoccer with vital information regarding requirements that must be completed and sent in immediately to the NJYS Office to continue participation in the program.

To all Players that participated in the tryouts; Remember, soccer is a late specialization team sport. On average field players reach their peak potential around the age of 28 and goalkeepers require an additional 4 to 5 years before they reach their peak!  Therefore, this assessment has little value on determining your future ability let alone your capacity and potential to be selected into the NJYS ODP Program as you get older.  This experience should not define you as a Player. How can we determine where effort and time will take someone? Ability will not show up on its own, a great deal of learning needs to take place, "Becoming is better than being." The biggest mistake is to believe either you have arrived or that you have failed. Potential is your capacity to develop skill over time, everyone who attended this weekend has the potential! 

2003 Girls and Boys - Upper and Lower Selectees

2014 NJYS ODP U11 2003s Training Program

Area Festival

Outdoor Turf Fields (TBA)

Manalapan Recreation Complex

93 Freehold Road, Manalapan, NJ

Saturday - April 26

*ALL AREAS Girls 10am-12pm

*ALL AREAS Boys 12pm-2pm

*Schedule TBA

 To pay the 2003 Young Olympians Program fee click on the link below:

Congratulations ODP players
both Girls and Boys ages between 1997 through 2001.
Results posted here

Olympic Development Program

The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program has been in existence since 1977.
It was the first program introduced to help identify potential national team youth players
through an organized series of trials which began at the district or local level, progressed
through the state, region and finally the national level. The current program also serves as a means
of development as the players identified are brought together for training and prepared
for interstate, interregional and international competitions. The development of the
players is taking place rapidly as talented players are brought together for training and competition
at all levels. Training and playing with those of equal or greater ability is a tremendous
teaching tool. The program is open to any youth player affiliated with US Soccer.

The higher up the ladder a player progresses, the more intense the training and playing become.
The regional teams experience both interregional and international competitions on an
annual basis. A pool of players is selected for each age group with the rosters changing each year as
players develop at different rates. Regional players have traveled to around the country and
internationally such as Spain, Italy, France, England, Argentina, Costa Rica, Germany and Russia.

While the US Youth Soccer ODP is one vehicle for development and identification,
it is not the only pathway under US Soccer. All programs work together to help the players
attain their ultimate potential. The US Youth Soccer ODP does provide a systematic method
that allows players to advance as far as their abilities allow. It serves as a form of
self-evaluation in a system that is recognized by coaches at all levels.

The ODP Program has some interesting and meaningful stories.

These profiles are just a small part of what ODP is about.

Enjoy their stories.

David Howarth  -   
For many New Jerseyans, playing youth soccer is a rite of passage. Snacking on orange slices during halftime or watching a swarm of kindergarteners chase a ball up and down the field represents familiar memories for many families. 
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Allison Deluca  
Junior Allison DeLuca of Flemington made it all the way to the National Pool and won’t stop until she’s a member of that team.
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Gianna Pittaro 
ODP 2000 player starts path to follow in her mother’s footsteps.
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Sloan DePiero and Katie Lindacher 
The College of New Jersey women’s soccer team co-captains, Sloan DePiero and Katie Lindacher, achieved what many youth soccer players dream about - playing collegiate soccer.
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Alec Lam
A superior goalkeeper and respected role model.
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Carli Lloyd,  NJYS alumni interview for USYS One on One - Video
Carli talks about her soccer start in NJ and how it helped mold who she is today. 

Caroline Chagares, Gatorade New Jersey Player of the Year - more info

Advantages and Benefits of the ODP Program
  • Identification into one of the highest level youth state programs.
  • Development as a player. The opportunity to train and play with the best players in your age group.
  • Quality instruction from nationally licensed coaches.
  • Quality competition. Games against other National State Association teams.
  • Exposure to US Youth Soccer Regional and US National Team coaches.
  • The opportunity to represent your state, region or country in competition.
  • Exposure to college coaches.  Most coaches at the State and Regional Level come from the
    best NCAA Men's and Women's Soccer Programs.


Congratulations to the 1997 ODP Girls team, coached by Krissy Turner
and assistant coach Kylee Rossi

NJYS ODP 1997 Girls Team Won Bronze at
National Championships this February.

Note: 2013 July Region I ID/Dev. Pool Selectees

If you are selected at the 2013 July Region I ID Camps for the Region I Pool/Team (Call back camp for the boys)
for your age group, you must register for the 2014 ODP Season. You are required to attend the Final State Team Tryouts
April 2 and April 9, 2014 (Girls) and April 1 and April 8, 2014 (Boys) at The College of NJ.
Please use link below. Further details and information will be emailed to you.


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