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New Jersey Youth Soccer

Approved Board Policy
[Updated 01/03/2008]


NJYS U19 Administrative League

The US Youth Soccer Championship rules no longer require a U19 team to participate in a qualifying league to eligible for National Championship competition. Teams that wish to participate in the National Championship therefore have the option of:

1. Playing in a NJYS League 
2. Playing in a New Jersey Soccer Association [Amateurs] league 
3. Registering in the NJYS U19 Administrative League

To register and roster an NJYS U19 team that wishes to participate in the National Championships, NJYS will create an Administrative League for these teams. To register in this NJYS League, the following will apply:

• The league is open only to U19 teams

• The team must enter the NJYS U19 National Championship

• NJYS National Championship rules and penalties will apply

• A player pass packet must be purchased from the NJYS Office. The fee is $300 per team. This fee includes the $110 NJYS National Championship entry fee.

• The player pass packet cannot be purchased before April 1 of the seasonal year nor after the first game date of the NJYS National Championship for U19s of the seasonal year. NJYS player addition rules and National Championship rules apply as appropriate.

• NJYS will not schedule games. Teams wishing to play in league games should join one of the existing NJYS leagues.