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Rules for
NJYS National Championships
and NJYS State Cup


Rules of the Competition

1.  The winning team must report the game score to NJYS.  Click here to report the score online.

2.  Game results will be posted on the NJYS website.

3.  The scheduled game time is 1:00 PM unless multiple National Championship or State Cup games are scheduled.  If two or three games Cup are scheduled on the same field, the first game shall be 12 noon.  If mutually acceptable to both teams, games may be played earlier. There will be no night games without the prior approval of the Games Commissioner.

The NJYS Championships schedule and the Regional League schedules have been coordinated.  NJYS games will not be rescheduled for participation in the Regional League.  Please remember that NJYS Championship games take precedent over all other games.  NJYS will not reschedule our games when there is a conflict with another event.

A game can only be postponed by the home team and then only if weather has made the field unplayable.  If a game can not be played because of unplayable field conditions, the home team must notify the visiting team and Games Commissioner by 10:00 AM on the day of the game, or at least three hours in advance if the game was scheduled before 1:00 PM.

Any game not postponed by 10:00 AM shall be considered as "ON" and only the referee shall have the authority at this point to judge the fitness of the grounds. Should the home team find its field is unsuitable for play, every attempt should be made to play the game as scheduled beginning with using the visitor's field. All of this should be done in the spirit of the game. The Games Commissioner must be notified.

Any Postponed Game Must Be Played By A Deadline Of Wednesday

4.  Teams have a 30 minute "grace" period in which to field a minimum of seven (7) players or otherwise forfeit game. Should both teams fail to meet this deadline, and the referee deems the field playable, both teams shall forfeit.

Any team forfeiting a game must notify the Games Commissioner by the Thursday before the game was scheduled and follow up with written confirmation to the NJYS Office and Games Commissioner. The forfeiting team shall be assessed a fine according to the following schedule:

Preliminary Round Games $150.00 plus referee costs
Quarter Final Games $200.00 plus referee costs
Semi Final Games $250.00 plus referee costs
Final Games $350.00 plus referee costs

All fines shall be paid within 10 days of notification.  Failure to pay any fine shall result in a suspension from all affiliated play.   Notification will also be sent to the team's club president and league president.

5.  Unfinished games due to any cause shall be replayed providing neither team is at fault and play has not begun in the second half. If play is stopped during the second half and play cannot be resumed and provided neither team is at fault, the NJYS Cup Committee may deem the game complete.  But should play be stopped at any time due to one of the teams being adjudged at fault, it shall be at the discretion of the NJYS Cup Committee as to whether the game is to be replayed or declared a forfeit.

6.  Dates, game times, and field assignments for all quarter-final, semi-final, and final games to be played at a centralized location will be determined by NJYS Cup Committee and will be listed on the individual age group bracket listings. These dates, game times, and field assignments are not subject to change.

7.  Unlimited substitution shall be permitted at the following times, provided the player reports to the referee and has the referee's permission before entering the field of play:

  • throw in your favor
  • goal kick by either team
  • after a goal by either team
  • by either team during time stoppage for injury
  • at half-time, after regulation time, and between extra periods

Substitutions are not permitted on corner kicks or penalties.

8.  The NJYS Cup Committee shall hear and decide protests, appeals and challenges for the NJYS Championships and NJYS Presidenets Cup competitions, subject to the following conditions:

A.  Protests must be verbally lodged with the referee and with the opposing coach at the game site before leaving the game site and must be noted by referee on the game report.  Only the misapplication of the "Laws of the Game" is subject to protest. Written complaints may be filed without fee but they will not result in a change of game results. The Games Commissioner must be notified of any protest within 4 hours of the game completion.

B.  A protest must be submitted in writing via email within 24 hours of the game.

C.  The fee for a protest is $300 and sent to the NJYS office not later than the next post office working day after the game was concluded. If the protest is upheld, the fee will be returned, if denied, it will be retained.

The NJYS Cup Committee is the final arbiter for all NJYS Championships and NJYS State Cup decisions. There shall be no appeal beyond the authority of the NJYS Cup Committee.

9.  Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players and spectators. Abuse of referees will not be tolerated. Misconduct by parents and/or spectators will be referred to the NJYS Appeals/Discipline Committee for disciplinary action.

All coaches of competing teams are to remain within a ten (10) yard coaching box on their side of the field. At games played at a centralized location, both players and coaches will be on one side of the field as specified by NJYS.  Parents and other spectators will remain on the opposite side for the entire match.

For games at a centralized location, four sideline passes per team will be issued to coaches who have a current year, valid member pass and who are listed on the team's roster. Only coaches with sideline passes will be permitted on the side of the field with the players. Coaches are not permitted to coach from the spectators side of the field.

There will be no coaching from sidelines except from the coaching box area.

10.  The length of games, overtime periods, and ball specifications are:

Age Group



Ball Size

U19, U18, U17 2-45 minute halves 2-15 minutes


U16, U15 2-40 minute halves 2-15 minutes


U14, U13 2-35 minute halves 2-10 minutes


U12, U11 2-30 minute halves 2-10 minutes


At semi final and finals games, all matches will be played with a NJYS supplied ball only.  Referees will be provided with the ball by NJYS.

There will be a five minute rest between halves. There will be no rest between overtime halves. If a game goes into overtime, both overtime periods must be played in entirety.  If a game is still tied at the end of overtime, the match will be decided in accordance with the FIFA "Instructions Regarding the Taking of Kicks From The Penalty Mark".

11.  No team shall wear the logo, insignia, or other identifing mark of a non US Youth Soccer organization on their uniforms during the NJYS National Championship or NJYS State Cup.  A manufafacture's mark is exempted. Teams wearing such items shall either remove the mark, change uniforms to comply with this rule or forfeit the match of the competition.