New Jersey Youth Soccer


New Jersey Youth Soccer

Rules for
NJYS National Championships
and NJYS State Cup

The entire NJYS Championships and the NJYS State Cup competitions are under the jurisdiction of the NJYS Cup Committee which has the final decision in all NJYS Championship and State Cup competitions.  Participation in either the NJYS Championships or NJYS State Cup is not mandatory; however if you choose to play, you agree to abide by these rules and the decisions of the Cup Committee.

The games shall be governed by these Rules and Regulations, the NJYS Constitution and Bylaws, the National Championships Rules, and the Laws of the Games (FIFA), in that order.

All NJYS Championships games take precedence over all other NJYS sanctioned competitions. This rule shall be strictly adhered to.

All preliminary round games will be played at the home team's field unless the location is changed by the NJYS Cup Committee.  Quarter final matches may be held at a centralized site determined by NJYS.  Semi final and final games will be held at a centralized site determined by NJYS.

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