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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We will try to provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about State Cup.  These answers are based on the published NJYS State Cup rules which each team should read.  The NJYS State Cup is administered by the NJYS Cup Committee who's decisions are final concerning the competition.  These FAQ are here to provide quick answers to common questions.  They are not the complete set of Cup rules which prevail if there is a conflict. 


Q. What is State Cup
A.  State Cup generally refers to either the NJYS National Championship Competition or the NJYS State Cup Competition.  Although these are two separate competitions, people use the term 'State Cup' interchangeably.

Q. What is the NJYS National Championship Competition
A. The NJYS National Championship competition is part of the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.  The Series begins at the State level, and depending on the age group, champions advance to the Regional level and then the National level.  The competition is for both boys and girls NJYS teams at the U19 through the U11 age groups.  U12 and above champions advance to the Regional competition.  U14 and above Regional winners advance to the National competition.  It is the highest level club team competition in the country.

Q. What is the NJYS State Cup Competition
A. The NJYS State Cup competition is for second tier of teams and leads only to a New Jersey champion.  The winners of the NJYS State Cup do not advance outside of New Jersey


Q. When is State Cup played
A. For U11-U14 boys and girls, in the Fall season, mid-September through the first weekend in November.  For U15-U18 boys and girls, in the Spring season, early April through the middle of May.  For U19 boys and girls, late May and early June.

Q. Why don't all age groups play at the same time
A. To minimize the demand for fields and referees

Q. Who can enter State Cup
A. Any properly registered team in New Jersey Youth Soccer can register for either competition, but not both.  Teams must posses NJYS Player Passes.  Teams can not play with US Club Soccer, Super Y league, or other passes.  Teams must also be playing in an NJYS league.

Q. How do I enter
A. You need to submit an Entry Form, the entry fee, and a copy of your validated roster.  You must submit all three by the deadline date to enter.

Q. What is the fee to enter Cup
A. Go to registration info tab - fee schedules

Q. Can I download the entry form from the website
A. Yes, the entry form will be available on GotSoccer shortly

Q. Can I play in both the National Championship and State Cup
A. No

Q. Today is the deadline date, can I still mail in my entry
A. No, your entry must be in the NJYS office by the deadline to enter.  Postmarks do not count.  Your team takes all responsibility to have your entry in by the deadline.  Your choice at this point is to drive to the NJYS office by 5:00 pm and deliver the entry.

Q. Do I have to play in a NJYS league to participate in either cup.
A. No, you must play in a qualifying league which includes the NJYS leagues, the Region I Championship Leagueand the Region I Sub-Regional Leagues.  However, you must be registered with a NJYS league to obtain a roster and player passes for your team.  Your league must schedule at least one game against every other team in your flight and your flight must have a minimum of four teams.  All games must be played with both teams using NJYS player passes.  League qualification games for the Fall competition must be completed by December 15 and and for the Spring competition the games must be completed by June 15.

Q. Are there any exceptions to league participation
A. Only for U19 teams


Q. How do you determine who plays who
A. NJYS conducts a public draw to determine who plays who.  You are invited to attend the draw.  See the calendar for date and time of the draw.

Q. How do you seed the teams
A. We don't.  The draw is random.  Only the previous year's semi finalists in the U14 and above age groups are placed in the brackets as far away from each other as possible.  The bracket is then completed randomly from all other entries.

Q. How do I find out who I am playing
A. NJYS publishes the brackets on our website after the draw with the first week's schedule and will update the bracket each week.


Q. What does it mean that your roster is frozen
A. You cannot add players to your roster.  You can drop players, you can add coaches on a frozen roster, but you cannot add players.  Teams that do add players to a frozen roster are disqualified from Cup play

Q. When is my roster frozen
A. Your roster is frozen at the beginning to the State Cup draw and remains frozen as long as you are in the competition, either the National Championship or State Cup competition, including any Regional or National participation.

Q. Can I have a secondary player on my roster
A. No

Q. Can I have guest players for my Cup matches
A. No

Q. Can I have out of state players on my roster
A. Yes, as long as the majority of players on the roster are New Jersey players and they are properly rostered on your roster

Q. I'm in the National Championship and my roster is frozen.  Can I add a player just for league play.
A. No

Q. I'm in State Cup and my roster is frozen.  Can I add a player just for league play.
A. No


Q. What is  the format of the competition
A. The competition is a single elimination competition.  Teams that win advance to the next round, teams that lose are out of the competition

Q. What days are games played on
A. In the Fall session for U11-U14, games are played on Saturdays.  In the Spring (U15-U18) session and Summer session (U19), games are played on Sundays.  Games are scheduled during the regular playing season

Q. What is the starting time of the games
A. The home team determines the start time.  But Cup rules state that the game should start at 1:00 pm unless there are multiple Cup games on that day on that field.  Then the game can start as early as 12:00 pm

Q. Where are games played
A. For the preliminary round games (games before quarter finals), games are played are the home team's field.  Quarter final matches for National Championship and State Cup competition are also played at the home team's field unless NJYS schedules otherwise.  All semi-final and final matches will be at a location determined by NJYS

Q. Can I use my US Club Soccer passes for a State Cup game
A. NO, if one or both teams use USCS passes, the game is not a NJYS game and therefore not a State Cup match.  Both teams will be disqualified

Q. Who is the home team
A.  NJYS determines the home team and indicates home teams on the schedule posted on our website

Q. Who assigns the referees for all semi-final and final matches

Q. Can games be played earlier than the scheduled date or time
A. Yes, but only if both teams agree.  You need to notify the NJYS office or NJYS Registrar

Q. Can games be player later than the scheduled date or time
A. NO.  This may result in both teams forfeiting the match

Q. I have a league game scheduled for the same day as my state cup match
A. State Cup matches take precedent over all league games.  Reschedule your league game

Q. If both teams have the same color jersey, which team changes shirts
A. The home team

Q. What does the home team have to do to schedule the match
A. Arrange for the field.  Contact your league referee assignor to get referees; a three referee crew should be assigned.  Give directions to the away team.

Q. What paperwork do I need for the game
A. Both teams must download the Game Report form, fill it out, and give it to the referee before the start of the match.  You must use the NJYS Cup Game Report.

Q. My team is advancing to the semi finals.  How do I complete the blue roster
A. Download load the blue roster from the Region I website.  NJYS will send each semi-final team a supply of blue paper and instructions for completing the blue roster.  Please read the instructions completely before you start to fill out the blue roster.  NJYS will look at your blue roster before the semi final match.

Q. How do I report the score of the game
A. The winning team has to report the game score on-line.


Q. My player was ejected from the match.  What happens
A. The referee will send the player pass of the ejected player to the NJYS office.  NJYS will determine the number of Cup games that the player must sit out and return the pass to the club after the player has sat that number of games.  While the administration of this rule may be delayed, any player ejected from a State Cup match MUST sit the next State Cup match

Q. We lost the match.  When does my player sit
A. Players ejected during Cup matches must sit their penalty during Cup matches.  Your player will have to sit the games in next year's Cup

Q. My player was ejected during the final match and we won, now what
A. Your player will sit their penalty at Regionals

Q. We have a league game during the week, can I get my player's pass for that game.
A. Yes, we will loan you the pass for league or tournament games.  Contact the NJYS office.  The pass must be returned to the NJYS office before the Cup match your player will sit.  Remember, the referee will be mailing the pass to the NJYS office.  Allow at least three days for the pass to get there.

Regionals and Above

Q. What are Regionals
A. Regionals are the next level competition.  The Cup winners from each of the 15 member states of Region I compete along with wildcards to complete the bracket of 16 teams.  The U12-U19 Age groups compete at the Regionals

Q. How are the wildcard teams selected
A. For most age groups, the winner of the Region I Premier League is the wildcard team.  For U12, U13 and U19 age groups, the wildcard is a random draw amongst all the states.

Q. Where are Regionals held
A. Check the Region I web page for location.

Q. Do you have a list of hotels that we can make arrangements at
A. No, the Region has contracted with a hotel service that has put hotels in the area under contract.  At the US Youth Soccer, a draw for hotels will be conducted and NJYS will assigned certain hotels.  NJYS will then assign teams to specific hotels.  Teams are expected to stay at the hotel that is assigned to them.  If a team does not stay in the Region I provided hotel assigned to them, they will be assessed a fee of $750.00.  This fee must be paid before the team can compete in the Regional competition.

Q. When are the Regionals
A. End of June, first week in July, check Region I web page for exact dates.

Q. We won the NJYS National Championship for our age group.  Do we have to go to Regionals
A. NJYS expects its championship teams to go to Regionals.  If, for unforeseen reason  you cannot go, you must inform the NJYS Games Commissioner as soon as possible.  There are significant fines if you withdraw late.  There is a lot of information your team must put online to be able to participate in Regionals.  Make sure you meet the deadlines published by the Region 

Q. Where and when are the National Champions being held
A. The National competition is for U14 through U19 teams that have won their Regional competition.  Check USYS web page for location and dates.


Q. I didn't find the answer to my question here
A. Read the cup rules

Q. I read the Cup rules and still didn't find the answer to my question.
A. Contact the Games Commissioner, NJYS Registrar or NJYS office