New Jersey Youth Soccer

New Jersey Youth Soccer

Hosting a Tournament


The following information outlines the process for obtaining permission to host a tournament in New Jersey.  New Jersey Youth Soccer will only sanction the hosting of a tournament for member organizations.


Your club must be in good standing to be eligible to host a tournament.  Only clubs and leagues affiliated with New Jersey Youth Soccer may be granted permission to host tournaments.  NJYS does not issue permission to host a tournament to organizations that are not affiliated with NJYS. When a private organization provides sponsorship for a tournament, the permission to conduct the tournament is granted only to the club and not to the sponsoring organizations.

NJYS will only issue permission to host a tournament for the sport of soccer, either outdoor or indoor as defined by FIFA and USSF.  NJYS will not sanction exhibitions or other forms of entertainment that might involve soccer.

Tournaments must agree to refund a minimum of 70% of the team entry fee to each team if the entire tournament is cancelled before the start of the tournament.  This condition must be specifically stated in the tournament rules before NJYS will sanction the tournament.


The hosting organization is responsible for and obligated to comply with the terms of its invitation to all visiting teams.  Reasonable aid and assistance should be provided to the visiting teams and participants during their stay.  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, visiting players, coaches, and parents should be treated as welcomed guests.

Procedures for Submitting a Request to Host a Tournament

The first step in obtaining permission to host a tournament is to obtain the necessary forms from the NJYS website.  The following documents must be submitted to the NJYS Office at least 90 days before the starting date of the tournament:

  1. A completed Application to Host a Tournament   pdf
  2. A completed Tournament Host Agreement   pdf
  3. A copy of the competition rules for the tournament 
  4. The tournament application fee of $170.00 

A copy of the approved Application to Host a Tournament should be available on the tournament website so that teams will know which organization is sanctioning the tournament.

Note: If you are inviting two or more teams from outside of North America in any U16 or older age division, the rules of the tournament must specify that FIFA limited substitution rules will be followed.

If you are inviting teams from outside the United States, you must also obtain permission from the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) for your tournament.  Download the USSF APPLICATION TO HOST A TOURNAMENT OR GAMES INVOLVING FOREIGN TEAMS form.  Complete the form and send it to NJYS with your NJYS Permission to Host form and a check for $75.00 made payable to USSF.  NJYS will forward the form to US Soccer along with a copy of your approved NJYS Permission to Host form.  Instructions for completing the USSF form are on the back of the form.

Procedures for Inviting Teams

When inviting teams to your approved tournament, the invitation must include:

  1. A copy of the approved Application to Host a Tournament
  2. Rules and regulations governing the tournament.
  3. A statement that the team's national organization's travel procedures must be followed.
  4. A statement that only USSF registered officials will officiate.

The invitation should also include:

  1. The name of the Tournament Director, address, phone number, and email address.
  2. If accommodations, transportation, or meals are being provided, a description of what will be provided.
  3. Expenses for which the visiting teams are responsible;  for example, entry fees, referee fees, meals, lodging, transportation, etc.


Once a team has been accepted into the tournament, the following should be sent to that team at least thirty days before the starting date of the tournament:

  1. A complete copy of the rules and regulations of the tournament.
  2. Dates, times, and places of any coaches meeting.
  3. If accommodations are not being provided, a list of hotels/motels in the vicinity of the tournament, their phone numbers and rates.
  4. If transportation is not being provided, a list of rental car agencies and other transportation providers in the vicinity of the tournament, their phone numbers and rates.
  5. What publicity information, if any, is required including pictures, player/coach bios, team accomplishment, etc.

Post Tournament Report

The hosting organization must submit a Post Tournament Report to the NJYS Office within thirty days after the tournament.  Organizations that do not submit a post tournament report within 15 days are subject to a late fee of $250.00.

The completed tournament report should be a summary of the tournament.  NJYS does not require a specific format for the Post Tournament Report but the following items must be included in the report:

  1. A list of teams participating, by age group, and for unrestricted tournaments, indicating the National Organization (i.e., US Youth Soccer, US Club Soccer, SAY) whose player passes were used in the tournament.

  2. A list of champions by age group.

  3. Documentation of any incidents involving:

  • serious injury to a player or coach

  • send-offs (red cards) and cautions (yellow cards)

  • referee abuse and/or referee assault.

These must include the individual's name, team name, age group, and pass number.

If there is a discipline problem involving an out of state team, the Post Tournament Report will be sent to that team's home state.